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Anna Marie founded HazelLeaves in December 2015 following a desire to create items of jewelry that are both aesthetically appealing and metaphysically resonant. Each piece is customized and hand crafted using pure wiring, semi-prescious stones, and crystals.     

"Love and Stability"


Hand crafted metal wiring with red agate leaves and ruby rondels.

Agate is a stone for strength and harmony while ruby is a stone of love, stimulating the base chakra and motivating the ideals of acceptance, commitment, and spontaneous bliss. 


"Simply Royal"



Hand crafted gold wiring with saphire teardrops.

Sapphire, a long noted gem of royalty, electrifies the throat chakra to exude confidance and conviction. 


"Tumultuous Tourmaline" Earrings


Hand crafted metal wiring with pure tormaline rondels.

Tourmaline's negative ions do more good than they do harm - helping to increase metabolism and alleviate stress through the increase of oxygen flow, similar to the effects of raging waterfall. 


"Delicate Droplet"



Hand crafted metal wiring and clip-ons with clear aquamarine drops and garnet rondels.

Aquamarine is a stone that fosters communication and truth, while garnet is a grounding stone. Combined, they make a perfectly balanced pair.  


"Moss of Clarity" Wrap


Hand wrapped moss agate with copper wiring.

Moss agate is said to be a stone of prosperity and compatibility, which can lend to a clarity of prospects and interconnectivity.


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